Inner Child/Art

Inner Child Art: possibility of releasing the creative/artistic expression of the repressed creative “inner being” of each person; art therapy    

Art/visual art in our environment    
my/our correlation with art and environment

The “post“ c-19 park parties with balloons, 2

The spiral composed of the remnants of multicoloured water balloons – pieces of latex and styrofoam balls, the latter of which are scarcely ever specified even in an accompanying product description, and yet they are harmful to health and the environment…

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Child/Art and Me
Blog launched in the time of coronavirus, 3

For the exhibition “View from my window“, I submitted two photographs from the cycle in progress – (approximately) the same frame (cadre) of the same motif from my home environment, shot in three weeks apart. In chronological order (here with a “jump”) I followed the interplay of nature and human with forms – intensified by colours, textures, light and shadows – now partly determined by coronavirus.

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Child/Art and Me
Blog launched in the time of coronavirus

Once on Mljet, still latently confronted with my conflicting doubts and excessive fatigue (…), I unexpectedly found my personal, simple and satisfactory “answers“ that I just needed at that point. I found them in my reflected image in a puddle of rain water that remained at the bottom of an old plastic boat pulled up on the shore–more clear recognized in a subsequent photos review on the camera LCD screen…

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